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  • Learn the What, Why, and How of Meditation

    Meditation is an important component in helping us to find balance and build inner resilience. Meditative states help our brains and nervous systems to repair and process in ways that our typical brain state doesn't allow. Learn what science has to say about meditation, why it helps us, and then find the perfect meditation method for you.

  • Find Your Perfect Style of Meditation

    Many people believe they can't meditate. Maybe their minds are too busy, or their bodies prefer to be in motion over sitting still. If you have ever thought you couldn't meditate, rest assured, there are many forms of meditation--far more than the stereotypical cross-legged meditation most of us think of. Out of the many options in Meditation Basics, I am sure you will discover at least one meditation method that is a good fit for you. And you may be inspired to get creative and explore others!

  • What You Will Receive

    Meditation Basics is an E-book download, which is broken down into sections, or chapters. Each chapter covers a specific area of the basics of meditation. You can choose to download each of the sections or only those sections that you choose.

E-book Chapters

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    Meditation Basics
    • Meditation Basics, module 1--benefits of meditation
    • Meditation Basics--module 2--What is meditation/getting started
    • Meditation Basics--Module 3--Styles of Meditation

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