Meditation Basics

taught by Angie Webster
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Angie Webster
Angie Webster
Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist, Bach Flower Essence Consultant

About the Instructor

I've been studying herbalism and practicing it in my own life for 30 years. I have studied with Rosemary Gladstar and Rosemary de la Foret, as well as studying Flower essences with Nancy Buono. I am a member of the American Herbalists Guild and United Plant Savers.

Over the years, I have added the use of crystals, energy work, reflexology, flower essences and aromatherapy as part of my practice. I love to teach because I love to learn and I always learn when I teach.

I passionately believe in the role we play in our own health through the mind-body connection, the foods we eat, sound, movement, and our interactions with Nature. I feel deeply connected to the Earth, her plants, her stones, her waters and her energy. I feel the connection we all have to the animals and the birds. When we are open to this Larger Energy of Life, we receive our own unique intuitive guidance and support in endless ways. It directs us and brings us healing. I want to share that with others by helping them open to it in their own unique way.

I am the author of Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Energy Medicine Healed my Life and What it Can do for Yours and Reiki from A to Z. I have been a regular contributor at Reiki Rays since 2013 and have also contributed to Elephant Journal and Be You Media.

There a numerous benefits to having a meditation practice, including those to our physical, mental and emotional health. However, meditation goes far beyond that. It is a tool for the refining and transformation of consciousness. It helps us to be in touch with the quieter and more innate aspects of ourselves and of Divine Energy that we don't notice from our normal state of consciousness. Modern science has shown that meditation literally changes our brain structure and our genes in positive ways that support our well-being and our societal interactions. Perhaps this is why every religious and spiritual tradition teaches some form of meditation as a backbone of its most revered practices.

In this class, you will learn about the benefits of meditation and how to meditate. You will also learn about many different methods of meditation, from several traditions, so that you can choose one or more that works for you. There are so many ways to meditate that each of us can choose at least one form of meditation that works well for us and fits into our lifestyle. Even a few minutes a day of this practice is life changing!

Course Contents

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4.0 hrs