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This program is designed to offer you Reiki mentorship to support you as you walk your Reiki path, build your confidence, and assist as you encounter questions and new situations. The site is filled with an ever-expanding library of resources, including articles, videos, meditations, short classes, and more.

It is my goal to be your mentor as you gain experience, increase your confidence, and grow in your practice of Reiki. My role is to help you feel safe and strong in seeking your unique path and finding your own answers through experience and inner understanding. I will offer a safe space to explore the world of Reiki, your understanding of it, and its role in your life.

As long as you are a member, you will have access to exclusive Reiki mentorship site content to support your Reiki path and your spiritual growth. There are videos, articles, and samples of my classes. You may access this member content at any time, simply by logging on. New content will be added regularly. 

In addition, you will have full and immediate access to 4 of my online classes--Reiki Precepts, Meditation Basics, Conscious Co-Creation, and Working with the Elements--to better support you on your Reiki path.

You will receive:
  • access to my Reiki mentorship site, with my videos, meditations and articles. New material is added regularly.
  • weekly email updates of new material added to the site
  • full and immediate access to 4 of my classes
  • access to an exclusive Facebook discussion group for Mentorship Program members only
  • the option to add Reiki coaching sessions for a reduced additional rate

Members will have the option to include a face-to-face Reiki coaching sessions with Angie via an internet meeting room for an additional $55 per session, a reduced rate available to members only. To request this addition to the service, email Angie at angiewebsterhealing@gmail.com.

This mentorship program is not meant to give you all the answers, for your answers are your own and you must find them. Instead, it is meant to provide support as you walk your Reiki spiritual path, explore, experience and find your answers for yourself. 

If at any time you have questions or concerns, please contact me at angiewebsterhealing@gmail.com

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Angie Webster

Angie Webster

Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist, Bach Flower Essence Consultant

I've been studying herbalism and practicing it in my own life for 30 years. I have studied with Rosemary Gladstar and Rosemary de la Foret, as well as studying Flower essences with Nancy Buono. I am a member of the American Herbalists Guild and United Plant Savers.

Over the years, I have added the use of crystals, energy work, reflexology, flower essences and aromatherapy as part of my practice. I love to teach because I love to learn and I always learn when I teach.

I passionately believe in the role we play in our own health through the mind-body connection, the foods we eat, sound, movement, and our interactions with Nature. I feel deeply connected to the Earth, her plants, her stones, her waters and her energy. I feel the connection we all have to the animals and the birds. When we are open to this Larger Energy of Life, we receive our own unique intuitive guidance and support in endless ways. It directs us and brings us healing. I want to share that with others by helping them open to it in their own unique way.

I am the author of Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Energy Medicine Healed my Life and What it Can do for Yours and Reiki from A to Z. I have been a regular contributor at Reiki Rays since 2013 and have also contributed to Elephant Journal and Be You Media.

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