“I would recommend the Animal Reiki Course for Practicioners. Angie's approach is clear, straightforward and well organized. Also, her Reiki ethics and compassion for the animals are evident in all the coursework. I have been a Reiki practioner since 2004, and in the past had three special needs kitties who needed a lot of Reiki. Even though I am experienced with animal Reiki, I learned a great deal during the course. I appreciated that the coursework used a combination of written information, videos, and practical exercises. I learn from written, or video media, but especially enjoyed the practical exercises. They were varied, very interesting, and put into practice the main parts of the course. I had never thought to send Reiki to our feeder birds, so that was fun. I think that this course would be helpful to new Reiki practitioners, as well those with more experience. ”

S. FlorentinoS. Florentino

“I was very impressed with your deep understanding of animals and your "simplistic approach". You make the practitioner confident in their abilities and also assure that there is no 'perfect' way to do things but an orderly manner that makes both practitioner and 'receiver' comfortable and confident in his/her ability to send Reiki to all manner of species. I'm sure your 'human' Reiki is wonderful as well and I look forward to taking a refresher class and utilizing other courses you offer. You are a wonderful "guide" in the world of healing. Namaste”

A. EidsonA. Eidson

“I've been a Reiki practitioner for a number of years and work with animals much of the time. The course material was refreshing for me and I found many new tools to use. I do work a lot with animals who are transitioning out of this life and also with animals who have endured some type of trauma. Keeping my head out of the way has always been a challenge and the way Angie explained all of this was most helpful to me. Thank you for Angie for helping us to be better healers. May we all make the world a more beautiful place. ”

S. SchultzS. Schultz

“This is the first course I have taken from Angie and I loved it. The course material was well presented and suited for all levels of Reiki practitioners. I have learned so much from it. Angie is an excellent teacher and so knowledgeable. She is a true inspiration. I have already started another one of her courses! ”


“fabulous, easy to follow with almost instant support (bit of a time difference here in Scotland!) for any questions raised through the Facebook support group. Angie is so encouraging and her values and integrity shine through the course material and facebook posts, advice and feedback. Case studies required are varied, interesting, manageable and just challenging enough so you know you've earned your certificate! marking, detailed feedback and certificate arrived very quickly and i'm looking forward to undertaking ore of Angie's courses soon”

Aly TownleyAly Townley

“I've completed numerous Reiki related courses over the years but Angie's Animal Reiki course is my favourite by far. A truly enlightening experience for anyone who enjoys Reiki and loves animals.”


“I just finished the Animal Reiki Course and found it totally amazing. I am a reiki master and have worked with some really fantastic master/teachers who have touched on working with animals. Your course explains the process so very clearly and the exercises were wonderful. Thank you for developing your program.”

R. GlassmanR. Glassman

“I have been practicing Reiki with dogs for the past several years, though most of it has been based on my own intuition since I don't know a lot of Reiki Practitioners who work with dogs. I was so thrilled when I was already learning new things within the first few paragraphs of reading. I highly recommend this class for anyone who hasn't taken an Animal Reiki class, even if you've been working with animals for quite a while!”

Julie B.Julie B.

“I'm still new to the Reiki world, but animals are my passion, so taking this course has been helpful in teaching me how to utilize Reiki for all living things. It may take a while for everything to sink in, but Angie is wonderful in how she explains and helps you to understand and then how to put all of this into practice. Thank you Angie! I look forward to taking more courses in the future!”

Lisa M.Lisa M.

“I really enjoyed this course! It really made understanding Reiki at lot easier especially when it can be applied to animals. So many "ah ha" moments for me! I can not wait to study more of your courses! Thank you so much!”

K. StromanK. Stroman

Course Features

  • Animal Reiki is a Unique Type of Reiki Practice

    Animal Reiki practice is so deeply rewarding practitioner and animal alike! There are many differences in the way we need to approach animal Reiki. This course will help you learn how to work with our animal friends in a way that respects them and best supports their healing.

  • Animal Reiki Teaches and Heals us Too!

    As an animal practitioner, you will soon find that you receive even more healing than you give. And the life lessons that we learn from our animal Reiki practice are endless! There are no better teachers of energy than the animals.

  • What You Will Receive

    The course is delivered over 3 weeks. You will receive reading material, videos, and exercises. You are encouraged to take your time in completing the material once you receive it. There is no hurry. You can download the reading material, even print it if you like. It is yours to keep. Once you have completed and submitted the exercise worksheet, you will receive a certificate. There is a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. If you find that the course is not a good fit for you within the first 30 days, simply let me know and I will refund your money. (No refunds issued on completed courses.)

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • What to Expect & How to Get the Most out Your Class
  • 2
    Chapter One
    • Video--Grounding
    • Basics of Animal Reiki--Doing a Reiki with your own pet, an animal client or a wild animal
  • 3
    Chapter Two
    • Further Reading and Resources
    • The importance of managing your own energy and how to work with that. Doing a distant animal Reiki session.
    • Video--Using Crystals with Animal Reiki
    • Exercise Questions Worksheet
  • 4
    Chapter Three
    • Animal Reiki support for Chronic Illness, Hospice, and Dying Animals and their Caregivers

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