Angie Webster Healing

True healing starts within.

Angie Webster

Animal Reiki Course for Practitioners

Learn the differences in treating animals with Reiki. Work with your own pets, animals in the wild, and the pets of others. Discover the joys of working with Reiki in this way! Animals can be our greatest teachers!

Angie Webster

Crystals with Reiki 101

This class is designed to simplify the use of crystals as healing tools in Reiki practice, explained in a grounded, practical, easy to use way.

Angie Webster

Empathic & Intuitive Living

Grounded, practical tools for empaths and healers for a more harmonious life. Discover how to receive guidance and strength from your Higher Self. Learn to understand, process, and transmute empathic & intuitive information.

Angie Webster

Deepening Your Reiki Practice

Take your personal Reiki practice to the next level. Learn how to work with Reiki more deeply in your own life, your spiritual growth, your home and expand that to include the world.

Angie Webster

Meditation Basics

There are many benefits to meditation and many ways to meditate. This class will help you find the one that works best for you.


Deepening Your Reiki Practice EXPANDED VERSION--Includes full Animal Reiki and Crystals & Reiki 101 class

Dive in and save! Deepening Your Reiki Practice, Animal Reiki and Crystals!